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Maciej Simm simmmmer at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 11:52:06 EST 1999

Hello everyone. 

I decided to undertake a backup project and took 5 zips for a spin: I formatted
them in PC format in my mac quadra 650. Then, copied a bunch of flow files from
cellquest for a few months back or so. My CD-burner is at home, in a computer
with winNT server and win98 installed. I copied the zips to a temp. directory
on a drive formatted in an NTFS format. I noticed right away the folders had names
beginning with ! and some other things were not right as far as naming. 
I renamed the folders and burned one CD. I took it to work and I can see the files
but cellquest doesn't recognize it. 

Meanwhile when I take those same zip disks and copy them to another PC at work
that runs win95, thus fat-16 FS, and then copied them from the HD to a zip w/o
renaming they worked fine on the mac. What is the problem: is it the file renaming, 
file system issues, or I just can't burn a CD with mac files? I'll do some more
testing, and post an answer if I come up with one, meanwhile I would appreciate
any and all input from people who've tried similar backup procedures. 

BTW I got a cdrw for my new facs acquisition station which isn't here yet so I can't
use it :( that's why I took it home to try it on PC. 

Thanks for your time, 


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