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Dixie Polakoff dpolakoff at
Mon Nov 15 12:58:00 EST 1999

I have a question concerning red diode lasers that falls in with this
discussion.  I have a slightly over one year old FACSCalibur with a red
diode laser.  For the last month (right after the instrument went off of
warranty) the diode laser has been going off and on for about a hour after
which it runs beautifully.  I've spoken to BD and they have no idea what
is going on.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does turning the diode laser off when it's not needed prolong it's

Thank you,

Dixie Polakoff
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Alice.L.Givan at writes:
>Hi Flowers,
>What are people's experiences with red diode lasers?  I have been told
>that the manufacturers rate their lifetimes at 15,000 hours --- but
>that they seem to need replacing in cytometers after about 6 months.
>Is this true?  Any ideas as to what is going on ?
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