Howard Shapiro hms at
Wed Nov 10 22:31:51 EST 1999

>>Who can tell me? What is better to detect a rare molecule: one molecule of
>>PE or one molecule of APC?

Mario Roederer, in a well thought-out and comprehensive answer to this
question, pointed out:

>In a vacuum of background fluorescence, PE 
>would be the choice, since it carries more fluors than does APC. 
>However, if you are measuring against a cell, then APC would probably 
>be the winner, since the background autofluorescence is much lower.

That's true if you use 488 nm excitation for PE; however, if you use 532 nm
excitation (doubled YAG laser), there is almost no autofluorescence (from
mammalian cells), and the pendulum swings back toward PE.


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