Kinetic plots - FCS Assistant update

Ray Hicks rh208 at
Mon Sep 14 14:36:58 EST 1998

Dear all,

I've uploaded a new version of FCS Assistant (.56C) that allows you to
generate a range of time-variant statistics.  You can calculate any or all
of the following and export them against time for plotting in Excel etc:
Mean, CV, SE, SD, Geometric Mean, Median, Mode, 75th/90th/95th Centile, and
"percent responding".

Time is converted into seconds, calculated to 2dp, and you can either plot
all available time points or group data into "bins" of a second or more

You can download a copy from the link on:

There is more complete documentation (in html) with this release, you can
read it online using the link on the above page ( ie:- or offline if you
download the program package.

It comes in two flavours, a fat version optimised for powermacs and older
macs with maths co-processors, and another for 680x0 based LC's (running at
least system 7.0, and with a 68020 or better processor), both are included
in the package along with the documentation and a shareware registration

If you have problems downloading a copy please let me know by e-mail and
I'll send you one.


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