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Dr. Howard Petrie h-petrie at
Mon Sep 14 14:11:55 EST 1998

To the group:  I would like to inquire regarding the experiences of others
using the "enrich" mode on B-D cell sorters.  For over a decade we have
been purifying small subpopulations (1-5%) of cells from larger
preparations.  I remember trying to use the enrich mode years ago when I
was working with Frank Battye at WEHI, but finding that neither the yield
nor the time "savings" made it worthwhile in our applications.  I recently
tried it again on our sorter here and got similar results.  Consequently,
I'm wondering if anyone out there has found it to be useful, and if so,
under what circumstances?  Does anyone have an opinion as to the relative
advantages ( let's say from a hypothetical 1% starting population) of using
the fluorescence parameter to threshhold out the negative majority, and
sorting on "enrich" versus "normal-r" modes?  What about the influence of
sort packet size on either of these approaches?

I will repost a summary if multiple responses are received.  Thanks in
advance for your input.

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