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>Question: Since the Annexin-V stain should be run with a live/dead stain
>(PI or 7AAD), wouldn't fixing make all cells permeable to these stains?
>Any comments?

	I'm not sure that annexin "should" be run with a live/dead stain.  
In a well characterized system in which the cells are dying by apoptosis, 
the assessment of membrane integrity yields information aobout cells which 
are early [membrane intact] and cells which are further along [membrane 
disrupted].  If the goal of the assay is to quantitate total apoptotic 
cells, annexin alone is sufficient [provided you verify that the annexin 
positiv e peak represents apoptotic cells and is not some nonspecific 
interaction].  The omission of PI for membrane integrity also allows the 
possibility to examine phenotypic, cell cycle, or other parameters of 


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