Elite computer upgrade

Douglas S. Smoot dsmoot at med.navy.mil
Mon Oct 19 09:48:11 EST 1998

A couple of years ago, I upgraded my computer to a P133 from Gateway.  It
was a difficult operation.  If you are still using the DOS software, you
must make interrupts 7 and 11 available to the Lister Board, so I had to
keep them from being used by the Plug and Play Bios and PCI interface.
There were also problems with the new video card, so I put an older video
card in my computer.  There was a fair amount of interchange on this
discussion list about 2 years ago under the heading of upgrading computers
or something about wierd characters on the screen, if you want to look in
the archives on the Purdue Web page.

Doug Smoot

At 02:40 PM 10/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I would like to upgrade my Elite P/90 computer.  Has anyone attempted to put
>the Elite Lister board into a Compaq DeskPro P400 or similar computer?  I
>would like to have a dual boot system for DOS and Microsoft NT 4.0.
>Judy Miller
>Merck Research Labs
>West Point, PA  
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