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Frederic Preffer preffer at
Fri Oct 9 11:36:29 EST 1998

dear brent

with the information you provide, i would agree this is likely some kind of
myeloid malignancy. if cells are still available i would suggest trying to
assess CD117 and MPO to help confirm myeloid and CD79a to rule out B

f preffer

 At 05:19 PM 10/8/98 -0400, Brent Dorsett wrote:
>A 68 year old male with 46% blasts in peripheral blood. WBC of 6,000.
>Previous diagnosis of multiple myeloma IgA kappa in 1994, atypical
>plasmacytic myeloma in BM in 1998 ( September ).In flow large, agranular
>cells with immunophenotype:
>Positive for CD7, CD13, CD61, CD9, CD34, CD36, CD38 and strongly
>positive for glycophorin.
>Dim expression of CD3, CD33, CD14, CD11b ( all more than 30% )
>Negative for CD10, CD19, CD5, CD20, CD22, HLA-DR, CD15, CD56
>I guess this is some type of  atypical myeloid leukemia. Maybe the
>result of chemotherapy.
>Would appreciate some feedback.
>Brent Dorsett
>Chief, Special Pathology
>Lenox Hill Hospital - NYC
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