Light scatter and cell activities

Bassem ALLAM allam at
Sun Oct 11 14:35:38 EST 1998

Dear all,
We study different interactions between bivalve blood cells (hemocytes) and
bacteria (various Vibrio strains). When incubating hemocytes with bacteria
in vitro, we have a great decrease in hemocyte FLS, much more significant
than the slight decrease in 90LS. The phagocytosis process was previously
inhibited with drugs, so the modifications in light scatter parameters are
related to other interactions than internalization. My questions are :
1- Do (a very probable) degranulation causes a decrease in FLS rather than
90LS ??
2- What are the modifications in light scatter parameters when cell
viability is challenged ??

Can you suggest me any references ?? Similar work in other species will be
very helpfull. Thank you in advance.


Bassem ALLAM
Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory
Rutgers University
6959 Miller Avenue
Port Norris - NJ 08349 - 3167

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