CD34+CD38- blood cells

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Thu Oct 8 06:35:22 EST 1998

Re:CD34+CD38- blood cells

The AC133 antigen has been shown to provide all CD34+/CD38- primitive
cells (including presumably the SCID repopulating cell as well as CFU-GM
needed for short-term engraftment).
Reference: Blood, Vol 90, No 12 (December 15), 1997: pp 5002-5012,
"AC133, a Novel Marker for Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells"
by Amy H. Yin, Sheri Miraglia, Esmail D. Zanjani, Graca Almeida-Porada,
Makio Ogawa, Anne G. Leary, Johanna Olweus, John Kearney and David W. Buck

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