"atypical" CLL-B

Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson stetler at box-s.nih.gov
Mon Mar 30 09:19:11 EST 1998

We see this immunophenotype in B-CLL. Usually the CD11c and CD25 are not
extremely bright, like you see in Hairy cell.


>Dear Flowers,
>We have observed two cases of "atypical" CLL-B with the following
>peripheral blood phenotype:
>CD3- (20-25%+) CD19+, CD20+, HLA-DR+, CD5+, CD25+, CD11c+, CD103-. There
>was about 70-75% of lymphocytes in both patients, in blood differential
>cell count.
>This pattern does not fit neither to CLL-B nor to HCL. May I ask for a
>comment about these findings?. We work on BD FACScan analyser and use
>With best wishes to all
>Jan Zeromski, MD, PhD
>Dept Immunology
>University of Medical Sciences
>60 355 Poznan, Poland
>jzeromski at ampat. amu.edu.pl

Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson
Director Flow Cytometry Unit
Laboratory of Pathology, NCI, NIH

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