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Try to strip the fluorochrome labelled Ab using ice-cold acid isotonic
citrate/phosphate buffer (pH 3.0) (0.263M citric acid/0.123M HPO4 +
protein) for a very short time (10 seconds - 1 minute) and neutralize the
cell suspension immediately. Spin down  the cells, aspirate all supernatant
and wash once more and  restain with another Ab. This treatment should  not
harm your sorted cells. Or do you want to strip just the fluorochrome from
the bound Ab?
Hope this helps.

Ken McDonald wrote:

>     Hi Flowers...I had a question from a Facs user who wants to know if
> after sorting a cell population with let's say a FITC stained antibody,
> is there a way of then stripping that fluorocrome and re-staining with
> another FITC stained antibody, all the while leaving the cell viable?
> She needs this to happen right after sorting.
>                     Thankyou in advance...Ken
> -- End --

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