Non-homogeneous staining of non-lymphoid cells

Robert Nordon m0000771 at
Fri Jun 19 00:15:46 EST 1998

Dear Derek,

Geoff Osborne has alluded to a common problem when staining non-lymphoid 
cells: If there is homogeneous staining of the cell type then it is not 
always possible to "see" equally spaced divisional clusters on CFSE 
histograms corresponding to consecutive cell divisions (as observed by 
Bruce Lyons). We have found that it is possible to overcome this problem by 
sorting CFSE labeled cells the day after staining  (set a gate that is 
<10/256 channels wide). Then you can get crisp divisional peaks with 
virtually any suspension culture cell type. (See British Journal of 
Haematology 1997; 98:528-539).

Robert Nordon
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

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