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Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson stetler at box-s.nih.gov
Tue Jun 9 14:07:47 EST 1998

The immunophenotypic data must be correlated with morphology. Are the cells
small, medium or large? What is the intensity of CD23 and FMC7? There are
always unusual cases that don't fit exactly into a category or  that have a
weird pattern of antigen expression. One can find occasional follicular
lymphomas that are CD10 negative or Burkitt's lymphomas that are CD23+.
There are CD5 negative CLL's. More data is needed to diagnose this case.
However, it is a bit unusual.


>     We have recently experienced a flock of unusual lymphomas.  My
>     pathologists have not been able to easily categorize them with the
>     results I have been offering.  This last one prompted the
>     to request putting it out on the web to see if anyone has seen a
>     similar case, and if they did, what did they call it...
>     Positives:                       Negatives:
>     HLA-DR                             CD10
>     CD19                               CD21
>     CD20                               KAPPA
>     LAMBDA (bright)                    CD5
>     CD22   (mod)                       CD43
>     CD23
>     CD24
>     FMC7
>     Its  a fine needle aspirate from a submandibular gland.
>     Thank you for your expertise and assistance.
>     Kathy Altig
>     Providence Portland Med. Ctr.
>     Portland, OR

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