Two colour Leukaemia pannels

Fareed Al-Gurg algurg7f at
Fri Jun 5 14:08:59 EST 1998


Having looked through so many web sites and visited many Hospitals in
Europe, I have failed to find one hospital that agrees with another in
what CD combination to use in various Leukaemia pannels! There seam too
many "right" ways!
Could any of you good Flow'ers help please.

The range is vast and different institutes use different combinations.
I am trying to put together a basic 2 colour pannel from which one can
then go on to a more specific and comprehensive pannel.

The leukaemia pannels needed are:
 1- Acute pannel,
 2- Chronic Pannel, etc.

Any suggestions?

Fareed Al-Gurg
Dubai - UAE
E-mail: algurg7f at

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