FACSLoader Upgrade

JoAnne Thomas jthomas at path.som.sunysb.edu
Thu Feb 26 10:22:32 EST 1998

We upgraded our FACScan with a loader about two years ago when we 
switched to the Macintosh platform. It has worked wonderfully for us 
and we are very happy with the time it has freed up for our 
technologists. The one major contention we still have, however, is 
that B-D has not made some of its clinical software 
(ProCount, HLA-B27) compatible with the software that controls the 
loader, Worklist Manager. Communications with B-D have assured us 
they are working on correcting this. They have already corrected the 
incompatibility of Multiset with its recent version.As far as what we 
paid for it, we negotiated it into a deal when we purchased our 
Vantage and upgraded the Scan with the Macintosh, so I can't exactly 
tell you what we paid specifically for the loader. But overall we're 
glad we did it! Hope this helps. Joanne Thomas

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