FlowJo Data Analysis Software Now FREE for 68K Macintosh

Adam Treister adam at treestar.com
Tue Feb 24 23:34:35 EST 1998

Tree Star is pleased to announce that FlowJo is now available FREE for use
on 68K Macintoshes!  

This is a fully functional, fully-featured version of FlowJo. It is the most
sophisticated FACS data analysis program available--but retains a simple,
easy-to-understand user interface.  It has all of the capabilities of the
PowerPC version, including simple drag-and-drop batch analyses, software
compensation, a sophisticated kinetics platform, and outstanding
publication-quality graphics which can be pasted into any other application!
Note that this free version is provided with limited support, and WILL NOT
RUN on PowerPC Macintoshes.  This version doesn't have the blazing speed of
our native PPC version, but all the features are there, and the price is

FlowJo will read any FCS data files into a "workspace document" that gives
you a permanent record of all of your gatings, statistics, tabular and
graphical analyses. The FlowJo analysis environment is somewhat different
that what you may be used to.  Instead of analyzing samples, FlowJo helps
you analyze entire experiments at once.  There is a comprehensive tutorial
that will lead you through most of the analysis features to introduce you to
this new paradigm.  There is extensive on-line help documentation available
as you run the program!

For more information on FlowJo, point your web browser to
To download the 68K version, see:

If you want to see how FlowJo works with your data, bring some datafiles on
floppy or Zip disks to ISAC--we will be happy to show you how FlowJo can
help you analyze experiments.


Adam Treister

Adam Treister
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