cell cycle problems

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For the live stuff Alice, the Ho33342 is hard to beat.
See Cytometry Supplement 3:85ff, 1988 figure two and the text.
We sorted and got mRNA from cells in different parts of the cycle.
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Hello Flowers,
Can someone point me to the state-of-the-art  for cell cycle analysis with:
1) cells fixed in formaldehyde 
2) live cells

We have GFP-fusion-protein-transfected cells and,  in the first instance, need
to fix in formaldehyde (not ethanol) to retain the GFP but want to get good DNA
profiles.  Is there a stain that works better than PI with formaldehyde-fixed
cells or is there a method for opening up the fixed histones/DNA so as to
improve the PI profile without losing the GFP?

In the second instance,  we would like to keep the cells alive during this
procedure.  Is there a staining method with one of the Hoechst dyes that will 
give us histograms sharp enough to allow cell cycle analysis or is there any
better vital alternative?


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