FACSCalibur FACS Loader

Calman Prussin CPRUSSIN at atlas.niaid.nih.gov
Fri Feb 6 16:44:34 EST 1998

Just a follow-up to my inquiry about the FACS loader. I received 8
responses from users who had one in the lab. Seven users still had the
loader up and running and were happy with the results. Four of the six
were extremely happy with its use. The one user who disconnected his
loader found that in the multiple user facility he managed, it was just
not worth the aggravation for the relatively simple needs most of them

In summary, the responses were quite positive. The users who had
specific applications which took advantage of the loader (clinical
panels, large acquisitions) seemed to find it most useful.

I would also like to point out that only one response was made to the
list, all the others were made to me personally. Replies should
generally be made to the cytometry mailing list,
cytometry at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu, so everyone can read them, learn
something and hopefully stimulate discussion.

Calman Prussin

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