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Steve Kelley SKELLEY at
Wed Dec 30 06:13:04 EST 1998

I know that many people on the mailing list are adamantly opposed to anything 
that even looks a little commercial, and to try to forestall any possible complaints 
about the FlowJo announcement, I'll explain what I'd like to see.

In my opinion, announcements about new products, and product updates are 
completely appropriate as long as they aren't abused.  I've never wanted to 
specifically encourage that, because I really don't want to be put into a position 
of having to decide whether a message is an "announcement" or an 

The companies involved in our cytometry community have always been 
extremely good 'citizens' as far as I can tell.  We have representatives of many 
companies on the list, and they have always had the power to make my life 
miserable, and the list no more than junk mail.  Instead, they have helped build 
this mailing list into one of the most useful around, through their contributions 
and responses.  

I'm not going to try to set specific rules about what people can say about their 
own products, and when they can say it.  I'll just ask that everyone continue to 
show restraint; that the commercial representatives ask themselves before they 
submit an announcement whether they'd mind seeing every other company in 
the business sending the same message they are about to, and that the non-
commercial (and anti-commercial) people accept discreet announcements  as 
simple information, and continue the sometimes brisk discussions about 
problems and benefits of particular products, alongside the purely scientific 
(and occasionally purely entertaining) conversation.


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