CD23 expression on T-cells

Mon Dec 28 15:10:15 EST 1998

I posted this about 2 weeks ago but have not had any responses. So I am
trying it again just in case something went wrong with my e-mail and it
didn't get sent.

Dear clinical collegues, we need your help again!

We just analyzed the peripheral blood of a 52 year old gentleman which came
to our lab for a CLL work-up.
WBC: 2.0   RBC: 4.21  HGB: 13.9  PLT: 54  19% grans  66%lymphs  7% monos/eos
8% ATL's

As you can see, the patient has a definite neutropenia/thrombocytopenia and
not an absolute lymphocytosis but we ran it anyway.  The flow analysis of
the brightly CD45+ lymphocytes showed approx. 94% T-lymphocytes (CD2+, CD3+,
CD5+, CD7+) with 48% CD4 and 44% CD8.  5% B-cells were also identified with
2% kappa and 2% lambda.  However, about 15% of the lymphocytes also exhibit
CD23/CD7, CD23/CD3 and CD23/CD5. There is no CD19/CD5 coexpression!  The
CD23 expression was not seen on the CD4 lymphs. I couldn't perform the
CD23/CD8 and the CD23/CD2 because we don't carry this color combination but
I am assuming that these cells are also pos for CD2 and CD8.  I am really at
a loss since I have never seen this strange coexpression.  Is this just
atypical or abnormal (?malignant)?

We appreciate your input
Andrea Illingworth
Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services/Flow Cytometry
333 State Street
Bangor, Maine 04401

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