antibodies vs colon

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Fri Dec 11 16:53:31 EST 1998

MCF-7 expresses Trop-1 and Trop-2 (Int. J. Cancer 76: 671-676 (1998); Int.
J. Cancer 62: 610-618 (1995)). It really depends, though, on what you want
to distinguish these cells from, since several epithelial cells would
share these and other markers with MCF-7.

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On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, Carsten Lindemann wrote:

> Who knows a source of antibodies that are useful for the detection
> of these cells by flow cytometry:
> COLO 320DM (colon), A549 (lung carcinoma) or MCF7 (adenocarcinoma).
> Thank you for any hints
> Carsten

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