linear vs log light scatter

Kathryn Ashton-Alcox kathryn at
Thu Dec 10 15:27:18 EST 1998


   I am writing a chapter on flow cytometry in bivalve pathology for a
marine biotechnology book.  I am having some trouble deciding why my
research on differential hemocyte counts in oysters using log90 vs FLS
differs from other research on oysters and clams.  I get 3 consistent
hemocyte subpopulations while other people get 1 broad group and I would
like to be able to tell if this is real or if it is the difference between
log and linear signal collection.  The methods mention that "side scatter"
was used and the axis of the plots is FLS vs SSC.  In other studies
(mammalian), I see 3 or so wbc groups in histograms labelled FLS vs SSC and
they talk about side scatter in the text.  Does SSC or side scatter ever
imply that log scale was used or should I assume that SSC is a linear
scale?  There are no numbers along the axes that would help me.
Thank you, Kathy Alcox

Kathryn A. Ashton-Alcox
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