86x128 mm microtiter plates

Lucy Brown lbrown at smtplink.Coh.ORG
Fri Dec 4 13:20:05 EST 1998


We purchase 384 well plates made by Nunc #242765.  They are the standard plate 
size but hold 120ul/well.  VWR sells them VWR #62409-602 (800-932-5000).

Lucy Brown
Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope
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Subject: 86x128 mm microtiter plates 
Author:  <jeff_carrell at hgsi.com > at INTERNET
Date:    12/3/98 3:32 PM

Hello All,
Does anyone know of a source of small-well plates (10-20 ul well volume) that 
have the same footprint (86x128 mm) as a standard 96 well plate?  12, 24, 48, 
and 96 well plates seem to be standardized to the same geometry, but the tiny 
well plates don't easily fit any common lab equipment-- particularly the stage 
of my FACSVantage.
Jeff Carrell
Human Genome Sciences

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