Brian Hall BRHall at
Wed Dec 2 03:44:38 EST 1998

Roger Burger wrote:
>Hi All
>I have been trying to get in touch with Cytomation but can't.  Email I
>to them cannot be delivered and any of their phone numbers just ring and
>ring.  Are they still in business?  Out to lunch?
>Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Roger and others:

Sorry for the trouble getting through to Cytomation. We expected that
moving to a new, larger facility would have its problems, but US West seems
to believe that moving would be no fun unless you lose all communication
for a while. We hope that the situation will work itself out soon;
meanwhile there are 2 lines functioning, so you will get through
eventually. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for forcing us into a
bigger building! We are most definitely not out of business, and no-one has
time for lunch anymore.


Brian Hall
Freiburg, Germany
+49-761-5597-375 fax

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