Ki-67 nuclear antibody

Eric Miller millere at
Fri Aug 28 02:57:32 EST 1998

I have in the past applied these antibodies to both cell suspensions and
frozen chunks of tumour using a protocol from Dako which shredded the cell
membranes. Since freeze/thawing has much the same effect I had a fair
degree of success with it. If you are interested I can post a copy of the
protocol to the list.

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On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Doug King wrote:

> Dear flowers,
> 	I would appreciate any input on the use of antibodies to Ki-67 (produced
> by coulter). Do you think that cells stored in liquid nitrogen could be
> revived and successfully stained with anti-Ki-67 antibody or would the
> freezing/storage and revival interfere with the cells/Ki-67 protein
> expression to such an extent that one could not be confident of the
> generated data?
> Thank you for your help.
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