Those little filter thingy at ISAC

Janet E. Lewis jelewis1 at
Mon Aug 24 13:43:49 EST 1998


I don't know what was at ISAC, but what you describe sounds like the
tube-top filter units we got from Partec.  The company info is

Partec US, Ltd.	
Walter C. Farley
Suite 618
2730 University Blvd. West
Wheaton, MD 20902-1949

Voice: 301-929-0503
Fax: 301-929-0505

The company itself is in Germany.  They have a web site (in English) at so you can see if theirs are
the filters in question and what the different colors mean.  Be forewarned
that you should verify how the filters are to be shipped to you, since the
fastest available UPS shipping (Germany to USA) may be used if you don't
specify otherwise and that costs as much as a pack of 100 filters do.  We
found this out the hard way.  The filters are re-usable and
re-autoclavable, by the way.

--Janet Lewis

At 04:28 PM 8/21/98 -0600, thus did you send forth:
>I picked up some tube top filter units from a vendor at
>ISAC this spring.  They were color coded with different um pore sizes. 
>The problem I have right now is I do not remember who the vendor was. 
>Did anyone else pick any of these tube top filtering devices up and
>remember who the vendor is??  Thanks for your help

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