Trypsin and Annexin

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Tue Aug 25 02:29:18 EST 1998

In our hand trypsin caused only a 5-10 % decrease in the expression level
of erbB2 protein, suggesting that not all cell surface proteins are
stripped of during trypsin treatment. 

We compared trypsinized cells with EGTA harvested ones.  

I think that the stripping effect depends upon the cell lines and the
receptors you investigate. 



At 03:11 PM 8/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, Trypsin has the reputation of stripping cell surface markers, and
>can't it kill off cells if the concentration is strong enough? Also, if
>cells surface markers are stripped and cells are starting to die, or are
>damaged somehow, they can exert autoflourescense.....or so I have found
>with cultured cells. Sorry, no exp. with Annexin, but I will soon as my
>kit arrived yesterday! 
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>>I have a client who is staining with Annexin-FITC.  They are looking at
>>cell lines and are using trypsin to get the cells off the flasks.  We are
>>seeing what we think is an exagerated Annexin response.  Does anyone out
>>there have any feedback on how trypsin affects Annexin staining?  Any
>>experience and or information about this will be greatly appreciated.
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