Dr. Szollosi Janos szollo at
Tue Aug 25 02:29:01 EST 1998

Hi Andy,

I have performed some FRET measurements in flow cytometry.  If you have
concrete questions, I am more than happy to help you.  If you want to use
this system in your experiments you should provide information about
various experimental parameters.

For example:

How big is the phage?  How would you like to label the phage? If you want
to use mAb, which epitopes are labeled?  

How do you want to label the receptor?  Does labeling interfere with phage

What kind of flow cytometer you have?  Do you have dual laser excitation?

How many receptors are on one cell?  What is your signal to noise ratio?
How much is the singal comparing the autofluorescence?

So if you describe your experimental system I can help you with some useful



At 09:25 AM 8/20/1998 +0100, you wrote:
>Okay fellow flowers,
>How many people have used the technique of fluorescence Resonance Energy
>Transfer (FRET or FCET) on the flow cytometer.  It seems to have been a
>popular technique, but not particularly using the flow.
>I would like to use it for the detection of proximity between phage and
>specific surface receptor.
>Does anybody have any experience ?

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