Those little filter thingy at ISAC

Lisa Herickhoff lah at CVMBS.COLOSTATE.EDU
Tue Aug 25 07:57:44 EST 1998

Hi!  I believe the vendor in question is Partec.  Unfortunately I do 
not have the address- perhaps it is in the info from ISAC.

On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:28:48 -0600 Michael Feldhaus 
<feldhaus at> wrote:

> Hello everyone.  I picked up some tube top filter units from a vendor at
> ISAC this spring.  They were color coded with different um pore sizes. 
> The problem I have right now is I do not remember who the vendor was. 
> Did anyone else pick any of these tube top filtering devices up and
> remember who the vendor is??  Thanks for your help

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