Those little filter thingy at ISAC

Larry Arnold lwarma at
Mon Aug 24 13:59:18 EST 1998

Those "little filter thingys" come from Partec.  Dako also makes some.
Cytomation by "virtue" of their short term association (like everyone's)
with Partec has a supply of some of the sizes.  Cytomation does not have
prepackaged sterile ones.  Partec and Dako can supply sterile or not
sterile.  we have used the 20 and 30um size from Partec and the 30um Dako.
They work well.  They will work best if you prewet the filter with media.


At 04:28 PM 8/21/98 -0600, you wrote:

>Hello everyone.  I picked up some tube top filter units from a vendor at
>ISAC this spring.  They were color coded with different um pore sizes. 
>The problem I have right now is I do not remember who the vendor was. 
>Did anyone else pick any of these tube top filtering devices up and
>remember who the vendor is??  Thanks for your help

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