sort viability

Mark Cozens cozens at
Sun Aug 23 20:06:17 EST 1998

Dear flowers,
	Thanks for all the helpful responses so far concerning my problem
with obtaining viable sorts. Perhaps this additional information may be of
The cells I am sorting are murine splenic lymphocytes. Directly post sort
their viability is 80% (tyrpan blue).
Flow details: Coulter Elite ESP sorter, power 15mW air cooled argon, 100um
nozzle, sheath straight PBS, sort speed @3000/sec, pressure @11 psi

I've done several test sorts and my results indicate an increase in
viability with the laser off (collecting everything) although viability
still remains low. Is there a possibility that laser power could be
affecting my cells in some way?

The concerned student, James.

Mark A Cozens
Division of Pathology
University of Tasmania
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