dual laser optical adjustment

Joseph Webster J.Webster at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Thu Aug 20 18:11:17 EST 1998

At 19:45 19/08/98 +0000, Dr. Marcus Reckermann wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>the following technical question: optimized signals from the second 
>laser on our FacsVantage (very sharp peaks, strong signals) result 
>in sort of a quenching of the first laser signals (significantly 
>lower signal intensity, but same CVs). When I block the 2nd laser 
>beam, the signals from the 1st laser jump up again. Has 
>anyone seen this effect before? Could it be that the two laser beams 
>intercept at one point, so the red laser eats up enery from the blue 
>one (wild guess)? Thanks for any hints,

An equally wild guess - Is your instrument fitted with inter-beam
compensation, and is that active?


Joseph Webster
Flow Cytometry Facility
Centenary Institute

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