Viral Load

Howard Shapiro hms at
Thu Aug 20 21:54:51 EST 1998

Lucy Brown wrote:
>     I know that Molecular Probes is claiming that you can use Yo-Pro-1 for 
>     enumeration, but we have never tried it.  You can find info at their 
>     web site.
Yo-Pro-1 and related dyes have been used for virus enumeration in ocean
water samples; the stainability of viruses with these dyes varies and it is
not at all clear whether HIV and similar retroviruses would stain well
enough with the dyes to make them detectable even in a flow cytometer
specially designed for the purpose.  To date, there has not been a reliable
report of detection of fluorescence from single virions stained with nucleic
acid dyes using a conventional commercial flow cytometer.  More work should
be done in this area.


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