HIV Viral load

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Thu Aug 20 11:09:40 EST 1998

At Luminex, we have designed a multiplexed viral load assay for HIV, HCV,
and HSV (any number of other viruses' could be added as well).  This system
uses hybridization of PCR-amplified viral nucleic acid sequences to distinct
sets of microspheres that are covalently coupled with complementary
sequences.  The amount of hybridization to each microsphere set, and thus,
viral load, can be determined by a flow cytometer.

This is not a commercial kit; however, the coupling reactions and the assay
design are fairly straightforward.

If you are interested in obtaining further information on this assay, I will
fax you an application note that we have written describing the viral load
assay.  Additionally, a technical brief further describing this system will
appear in the September issue of Clinical Chemistry.

Kerry Oliver
Luminex Corporation
Ph. 972-224-8020
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Dear Flowers,

Has anyone been doing HIV viral load by flow?  Is there a commercial
product/kit for this?  Is this a process which could be automated?  I'd
appreciate any input.

Ruth A. Croson-Lowney
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