Trypsin and Annexin

Julie Auger jauger at
Thu Aug 20 12:23:43 EST 1998

In our hands, the trypsin actually reduced the Annexin staining presumably
by stripping off all the phosphotidyl-serine on the surface along with the
surface proteins (adhesion molecules).  The only time we have seen enhanced
annexin is when the cells suffer enough trauma in harvesting that the
membrane is not intact and the Annexin gets inside the cell and attaches to
the ps on the inner membrane.


At 02:11 PM 8/18/98, you wrote:
>I have a client who is staining with Annexin-FITC.  They are looking at
>cell lines and are using trypsin to get the cells off the flasks.  We are
>seeing what we think is an exagerated Annexin response.  Does anyone out
>there have any feedback on how trypsin affects Annexin staining?  Any
>experience and or information about this will be greatly appreciated.
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