dual laser optical adjustment

Marcus Reckermann recker at ftz-west.uni-kiel.de
Wed Aug 19 14:45:31 EST 1998

Hi everybody,
the following technical question: optimized signals from the second 
laser on our FacsVantage (very sharp peaks, strong signals) result 
in sort of a quenching of the first laser signals (significantly 
lower signal intensity, but same CVs). When I block the 2nd laser 
beam, the signals from the 1st laser jump up again. Has 
anyone seen this effect before? Could it be that the two laser beams 
intercept at one point, so the red laser eats up enery from the blue 
one (wild guess)? Thanks for any hints,
Dr. Marcus Reckermann
Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste (FTZ)
25761 Büsum
Tel: 04834-604-204 oder -261
Fax: 04834-604-299
E-Mail: recker at ftz-west.uni-kiel.de

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