Fluorescence Multiwell Plate Reader

Sue DeMaggio suedemag at uci.edu
Mon Aug 17 13:55:28 EST 1998

Hello Everyone, 
This is a little off the main topic, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'd
appreciate a minute of your time....I have recently added the CytoFluor
4000 plate reader to my lab - for screening cells for antibody production,
etc.  I have let users have access free until now and before I set up a
recharge for this, I wondered if anyone is charging for the use of this
type of equipment...how much do you charge?  and how - by the plate?  or by
the hour?  It is a quick assay - usually less than 30 minutes and often
less than 15 for the whole process.  Do you charge so much per plate?  Is
$5 too much?  Or is $20 / hour in 15 minute increments o.k.?


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