Macrosort Head for B.D. FACS VANTAGE

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Apologies to the list - but as a long term resident of Kentucky I must
admit that I am unfamiliar with the term (technique?)  "Kentucky windage".
Is this usage as in winding a device ("the clock is a runnin' I winded it")
or as air through the trees or orifice ( "whew, was that you or the dog
that let forth that windage"?) Perhaps it is a phrase corresponding to the
one in common usage here in Kentucky; "California fudge factor"?


>	The little set screw will often "push" the cannula off
>center, so I would suggest *carefully* re-centering it with enough
>tension to hold it without moving it off center. There is a little
>"Kentucky windage" involved, but you should be able to get it.
>I doubt the cannula is bent, and am guessing the set screw is
>a tad too tight.
>			Joe
>On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Keyvan Keyvanfar wrote:
>> The sample insertion rod in my Macrosort head on one of my FACS
>> VANTAGES is off center. I do know that the insertion rod is not bent.  I
>> was wondering if it is possible to align the insertion rod within the
>> Macrosort head?
>> Any suggestions, beside buying a new one!
>> Thanks,
>> Keyvan
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