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Thu Aug 13 14:07:58 EST 1998

Hi all:

The FACS string started with a request for editorial guidance. Let me give
you the guidelines that Cytometry (and most other professional journals)
try to follow (with varying degrees of success).

Most acceptable scientific publications are generic and strive to
communicate information of interest and lasting value to all who are active
in a given field. To do this, journals demand standard units, term, etc.
Terms that are specific to a given instrument or manufacturer should be
avoided as far as is possible; they are not acceptable in the title,
abstract (except as a modifier), or key terms.

Thus, FACS should not be used in a publication as a synonym for flow
sorting(er). The only possible exception may be if a study is exclusively
dependent on some idiosyncrasy of B-D instruments such that it does not
apply to the greater community of flow sorters; in this case the article
would be better suited to distribution through the B-D users group rather
than the general scientific literature.

Along the same lines, authors should avoid use of instrument specific terms
(e.g. Fl-1, Fl-2, etc.), but rather use something more descriptive, such as
green fluorescence signal, that then can be linked to the specific Fl

Note that editorial guidelines may have little to do with common usage,
where every lab is its own master!

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