dyes for mitochondrial markers

Julie Oughton oughtonj at ucs.orst.edu
Thu Aug 13 13:37:03 EST 1998

Good afternoon!

I have an investigator who is looking at mitochondrial markers in mouse
spleen cells and thymocytes using DiOC6, HE, rhodamine 2AM, and JC-1. The
cells are prepared in HBSS (phenol-free) supplemented with 10% BSA and
incubated with these dyes for 10-20 minutes at 37 degrees. 

We are not having any problem with spleen cells staining with these dyes
and their viability is good. However, the thymus cells appear to be quite
fragile. Sometimes their viability decreases substantially (from 95 to less
than 50%).

Does anyone have any experience with these dyes in mouse thymocytes? Any
suggestions on how to improve their viability?

Thanks in advance,
Julie Oughton
Oregon State University
(541) 737-2096

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