everybody say FACS again!

f preffer preffer at helix.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 13 23:23:51 EST 1998

At 03:01 PM 8/11/98 -0400, Barren, Phil wrote:
>	How about some discussion on this term
i assume and hope you are joking- but my view now is lets not even get
started! [remember everybody is empowered here to suggest surgery of in
situ carcinomas of our bb! OTOH i dont mean to come down as one of the
thought police. We should have fun, too!]

but concerning: mAb, Mab or mAB, lets all hold hands now, and again
whenever necessary in the future and sing -

F orget 
A bout
C ontinuation of this
S tory!

f preffer

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