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Wed Aug 12 16:22:16 EST 1998

Hello Lisa,

The waste level detector on my Vantage only lasted a few weeks before it 
went south. If you add a little bleach to the waste tank it seems to make 
short work of the probe that extends to the bottom of the tank. It's not 
that big a problem if you fill the sheath tank and empty the waste tank 
on a daily basis; even at 35psi I don't have any trouble running out of 
sheath during the course of a normal day. You can take the probe out and 
run it under water in a sink if you want to clean it; it has a 
compression fitting that holds it in place. Look to see that the water 
runs out the small pore at the bottom of the probe. I got tired of doing 
this pretty fast so I don't bother anymore.

As for the sample differential pressure, I think that's probably a 
separate problem. There is one thing that comes to mind. If you change 
the sheath pressure significantly you can run the sample differential off 
scale at either the high or low end, depending on whether you raise or 
lower the sheath pressure. Remember the sample differential is a function 
of the sheath pressure. Perhaps your differential is working OK, but just 
offscale at the low end. Mine is set up so that 2 is about neutral on the 
sample differential scale; I usually run a little less than this when 
sorting (~1.9) to try and keep the core stream as narrow as possible.

Of course, both the sheath and sample differential pressure regulators do 
fail from time to time. There was a recent thread on the Email List about 
rebuilding these, but we usually just swap them out for a new one. In 
fact, we just did this ourselve on our FACStar Plus, so it's not too hard 
to do yourself if you want to try!

Also, check the recent thread on sample differential failure from July 
28th and 29th. There are a number of good ideas in there too. You can 
read the archived discussion from the Purdue web site at 


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Hello there,
To any FACS Vantage users..... I am having a problem with my waste
container level detector:   it thinks its full when in fact I've just
emptied it & I think this is interferring with my sample flow.  I have no
sample differential pressure and I'm wondering if the 'full' waste
container is the source of this problem.  Does anyone know how to clean or
reset the level detector??  Thanks for your help.

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