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You can find a description of the most common cell sorting/ pre-enrichment
methods in a book, edited by Andreas Radbruch and myself. (Recktenwald,
Radbruch: Cell separation methods and applications, Marcel Dekker 1997). The
different methods are mostly described by the experts, involved in their
For more information about MACS based cell separation, look at the AmCell
website and its references (www.amcell.com).


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Date: 8/12/98 12:06
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     Doing some work on the market for beads in cell separation. Grateful 
     for thoughts on whether price for FACS machines is going to come down 
     and reduce demand for beads and second, the relative attractiveness of 
     the different bead types. In particular, does the Dynal system have a 
     sustainable advantage over competition. Thoughts on Perseptive and RPR 
     systems appreciated.
     email=bauma at ms.com
     Many thanks
     Andrew Baum

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