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Mike Clark mrc7 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 13 04:36:05 EST 1998

On Tue 11 Aug, Barren, Phil wrote:
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> 	How about some discussion on this term
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The trouble is that there are just too many misused terms and not enough
time to spend correcting everyone. Sooner or later we just have to gracefully
give in to common usage!

Coming from Cesar Milstein's laboratory in the 1970s my pet hate is the
"misuse" of the acronym "CD". Having learnt to refer to my antibodies as a
CD1, CD2, CD3 antibody etc I always cringe at the usage anti-CD1, anti-CD2,
anti-CD3 etc. According to my scientific upbringing an anti-CD3 antibody
would perhaps be the anti-idiotype of a CD3 antibody. However even in my own
publications I am now guilty of the use of anti-CD3! This is because the
editor of the European Journal of Immunology carefully went through one of my
manuscripts changing all of my uses of CD3 into anti-CD3 including in the
title. When I saw the proofs I immediately contacted them and tried to
persuade them to change them back. However I was told that "anti- was now the
commonly accepted usage understood by the majority of scientists".

Oh well....

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