Binding Capacity

Vincent Falco vincent.falco at
Tue Aug 11 07:40:45 EST 1998

To All
We have a project in the lab that goes like this.There is a control group of 
patients in which the observation was made that the % of cells expressing a 
CD marker, as well as the Flourescent intensity, by geometric mean channel 
value, of certain CD markers were different than another population of 
Alignment standards and target channel reference standards are used daily on 
the cytometer.
My question is: Is this instrument set up adequate to make statements and 
comparison on the differences observed in the geometric mean channel value? 
Or should I be examining the Antibody Binding Capacity techniques as 
described by Flow Cytometry Standards corp.?Does it make a difference?Is one 
method more correct than the other? More meaningful?
Any suggestions comments will be welcomed. Thanks in advance.
Regards, Vincent Falco.

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