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>FACS was before MoFlo was concieved.

We will all have to see if MoFlo can stand the challenge of time.  Can
Cytomation redesign the electronics of the MoFLo to keep up with future
needs?  Is this another Cytoflurograph?


Ouch - please don't turn us into dodos before our time! But this is a
provocative question. The answer is that the "Mo" in MoFlo stands for
modular, which is one very significant difference between it and the
Cytofluorograph - among others - and one reason why it will stand the test
of time. The open, modular structure that Ger van den Engh conceived for
BOTH electronics and optical system made it easy to add "future needs" like
four-way sorting, SortMaster (a dynamic controller, not just a watcher) and
32-parameter data capacity, without re-design or diminished flexibility and
without obsolescence.


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