rhesus and baboon-reactive antibodies

Carol Oxford cloxford at UCDAVIS.EDU
Fri Aug 7 13:24:49 EST 1998

Hi Gib,

We routinely do three color immunophenotyping of rhesus macaques with
Pharmingen's CD3, Becton Dickinson's CD8, and Ortho's CD4.  All three of
these antibodies work well with whole blood lysis using Coulter's Q-prep.
We have also had good results with interferon-gamma antibodies from BD and
Pharmingen.  Coulter reports that their CD4 and CD8 cross react, as well as
Dako's CD8 and Caltag's CD4.  I was just at Pharmingen last month, and they
have a list of baboon cross reactives, we just haven't used them here.   If
you need clone #'s, just drop me an e-mail.  You can also find cross
reactivity information from Norm Letvin's group in Cytometry 17:102-108
(1991).  I know there is another paper from that group in 1994, but I don't
have the reference handy.  Also, Keith Bahjat has a web site at
http://www.biotech.ufl.edu/~fccl/ which is very helpful.


>     Can anyone tell me what are suitable mAb for flow cytometry on rhesus
>     and baboon lymphocytes, specifically:  CD3, CD8, and interferon-gamma
>     (intracellular)?  Are there websites that list cross-reactive
>     antibodies?  Thanks.
>     Gib Otten
>     Vaccines Research
>     Chiron Corp.
>     email to:  gillis_otten at cc.chiron.com

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