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Ya Ping Shi shi at
Fri Aug 7 13:34:25 EST 1998

Dear mailing list participants,

	We are malaria vaccine/immunology researchers affiliated to Molecular
Vaccine Section, Division of Parasitic Diseases, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.  Recently  we plan to add three color FACSCalibur
with sorter  to our immunology lab in Kenya Field Station. Since we don't
have  experience  with FACSCalibur, three basic questions have been raised:
1) Is there any potential trouble for FACSCalibur which FACScan does not
usually have (such as laser, alignment, electronic and mechanical parts)
2) How about sorting capacity and whether it always function well if
machine is maintained well on regular basis?
3) What are best and user friendly  software packages for data acquisition
and analysis? 

	I would highly appreciate any comments related to above questions.

	Thanks in advance.

Ya Ping Shi, MD
Immunology Lab
CDC/KEMRI Field station
Kisumu, Kenya
Phone: 254-35-22929
Fax:   254-35-22981
E-mail: Shi at

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