data representation

Jacqueline Saleh jacqueline.saleh at
Fri Aug 7 09:52:22 EST 1998

Dear Flow-ers:

Various users at my company are having very heated discussions on what
number to use
to beat reprent fluorescent intensity. Some users are using mean of M1(%
positive cells)
to describe fluorescent intensity. I believe this not is inaccurate because
your using
the mean of 20-30% of the cell population and I believe the mean of the
entire population
(not just M1) to be a much more accurate determination of fluorescence
I myself prefer to use percent positive cells as opposed to mean
fluorescent intensity
to describe my data. I also explained to people that you cannot compare
mean fluorescent
intensities from this weeks experiment versus last weeks experiment because
the means
will vary considerably depending on were the negative control is set, if
the planets are
in line with Jupiter, and the "Flow Gods" see fit to smile on you. Any
feedback on how
people represent their data is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to

Ariad Pharmaceuticals

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